Breast Cancer Surgery including Breast Reconstruction

Mr Deshpande offers all the options of breast cancer surgery at Euxton Hall Hospital to insured and self funding patients. These include wide local excision (lumpectomy), mastectomy and axillary lymph gland surgery. He has an access to chemotherapy and radiotherapy specialists should you need to have either or both the treatments. Breast care nursing support is available for all the breast patients. Some options of immediate breast reconstruction (at the time of mastectomy) if appropriate, are available for some patients after mastectomy. Options of delayed breast reconstruction (after a period of time after mastectomy) are available as well for those patients who are not suitable for immediate reconstruction or those who have had mastectomy in past but have not had reconstruction and would like to consider delayed reconstruction. Click here for more information on breast reconstruction.

You will be counselled in presence of a breast care  nurse with the options of treatment available. This would include the options of cancer surgery and reconstruction as appropriate for each individual.

Post operatively you would be looked after by the breast care nurses and ward nurses (out of hours), in case of any problems with the wounds etc. You would be invited back to the clinic in 2 weeks time to discuss the results and make the plans for further treatment if and as necessary.

You will be followed up the the clinic most of the times annually and would also have annual mammograms for at least 5 years. You would be given the contact numbers for the breast care nurse and would be advised to contact her, if you have any problems, between you follow up appointments. You would be then reviewed either by the breast care nurse or by Mr Deshpande to resolve the problems/concerns.