In Jan 2014 purely by chance I found a lump in my breast.

I went to my doctors the next day and was referred to Mr Deshpande at Euxton Hall , he didn’t have any spare appointments but he fitted me in at the last minute , I was seen that week and

I was diagnosed with breast cancer a week later ...and so began my journey

Mr Deshpande is not only a fabulous surgeon , he is kind and compassionate , throughout my tears , anxiety and fear his words rang in my ears “ whatever it is , I will get rid of it “

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction and he was there when I woke up with a big thumbs up

I’ve also had my right side lifted and reduced to match my reconstruction and a nipple created for my reconstructed breast at the same time

There have been moments since then when I’ve found lumps and bumps and Mr D ( as he is affectionately called ) has always reassured me , even driving over on his holiday to check what I had found and put my mind at rest

He always takes the time to explain what will happen next , he listens to your concerns and has always made decisions with my best interests at heart

My son has never met him but refers to Mr D as his hero , he’s mine too , I can never thank him enough for what he did and for how I feel now , an amazing surgeon , but also a genuinely caring professional who is admired and respected by everyone who knows him


I'd been wanting to have a breast enlarement for years and was always very apprehensive about proceeding forward with this. As soon as I met Mr Deshpande, I instantly knew that I was going to finally go through with it.

Mr Deshpande had been recommended to me through my friend who is a nurse colleague through the NHS. She knew that I wanted to have a breast enlargement but I didn't want to go over the top with it. My friend's other colleagues had undergone surgery with Mr Deshpande and so she recommended I visit him.

Previous to this, I had met with another surgeon who really put me off proceeding with surgery.

The first time I met with Mr Deshpande, he seemed to completely understand what it was that I wanted to achieve. He talked both myself and my mum through it all. He also explained that if I wasn't 100% certain, that I shouldn't go through with it. I knew as soon as I walked away, he was the surgeon to do the work! Mr Deshpande is very highly experienced, he works both for the NHS and for Euxton Hall and he is extremely professional. I can't recommend him enough, in fact, I've already recommended him to anyone who has complimented my augmentation.